When words assemble into sentences and paragraphs, something special happens. Words, in written or spoken form, are modern manifestations of magic. They allow us to conjure up worlds that have never been, or the world as it could be…
It would be my pleasure to help you with writing or editing various materials, from academic publications, over popular science articles, to developing promotional materials for your brand or company. Feel free to get in touch via the contact form (avert your gaze towards the menu at the top of the page).
Some of my work can be found here:
At United Academics Magazine:
What Is The Healthiest Diet? It’s Personal
The Cyberspace Evolution of Beauty
Spiders Sailing The Seven Seas
Glowing In The Dark Won’t Get You Laid
Rap Revolution: The Musical Evolution
At SYNAPSE (University of Bristol science magazine/blog):
Hydrothermal Vents, Genesis, and E.T. (SYNAPSE #3)
Dangerous Results: To Publish or Not To Publish?
Artificial Life: Dr. Frankenstein’s Dream (SYNAPSE #1)
Show Me Your Genes: Privacy and Genetic Information (SYNAPSE #1)