My recently finished PhD project at the University of Nottingham looked at the ecology and evolution of individual behavioural variation. The initial focus was on animal behaviour, but as I progressed, I have also developed research lines concerning microbiology and artificial intelligence.
Before that, I investigated biological individuality and concepts of health and disease, both of which are topics I am still maintaining a profound interest in. More recently, I have been thinking about how advances in genetic engineering (such as CRISPR) and the impact of the microbiome affect these issues.
All of my work is characterised by the use of scientific research in order to develop theoretical and conceptual ideas. It is my conviction that through drawing together recent research strands from various disciplines we can inch closer to a more accurate understanding of the incredibly complex web that weaves itself through life, culture, and cognition.
My interests, however, are not limited to the above project. They’re actually quite broad and include, among others:
 – Philosophy and ethics of science and technology
Concepts in biology – Health, disease, and enhancement – Bioethics – Science and society – Transhumanism – AI: risks, benefits, ethics, concepts, minds – Cognitive and neuroscience – Environmentalism and its different guises – Sustainable development
 – Culture and behaviour
Intelligence, culture and comparative cognition – Cooperation, ‘altruism’ and conflict – Animal personality, communication and decision making – Human behaviour – Swarm and herd behaviour – The rise and fall of human civilisations and ideologies
 – Macro-evolution and –ecology
Trends, rates and patterns – Evolvability, robustness and modularity – Phylogeny, diversity and speciation – Origin of life, multicellularity and sex – Social evolution and symbiosis – Plasticity, polymorphism and epigenetics – Human evolution (and its future)
If any of this sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to contact me for discussion.