Fictional fieldwork

Here are some of my short stories that have found a home online or elsewhere.
Links are provided when they’re freely available. (If they’re not, asking nicely can help. Supporting the venue in which they appear is also a good way to get your daily fix of altruism…)
An Empire of Shattered Glass (2017) – Read Short Fiction
To Hear a Howling Herd (2017) – Lawless Lands: Tales from the Weird Frontier, Falstaff Books
Mirror mirror (2017) – Daily Science Fiction
Nexus (2016) – Ares Magazine
A Clown’s Quest (2016) – Triangulation: Beneath the Surface, Parsec Ink
The Art of Debate (2016) – Sci Phi Journal
Chasing Probability (2015) – Quantum Shorts shortlist
Walk (2015) – Sci Phi Journal
The Bot’s Delusion (2015) – Alternate Hilarities 4: Weirder Science
Silk Route (2015) – The New Accelerator
Dust to Dust (2014) – Perihelion SF
Echoes in the Dark (2014) – Stupefying Stories Showcase
A New Man (2014) – Robot and Raygun
One Step at a Time (2013) – Playing with Fire, Third Flatiron Anthologies
Download (2013) – Interstellar Fiction (Q&A here)
The Conversation (2012) – Fiction365
How To Build A Tiger (2011) – Web Of Life Foundation Essay contest shortlist. Published in ‘An Orange County Almanac and other essays.’